Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Feedback on fish assessments

As this is your first assessment of the year, I thought it would be appropriate to say "don't panic".

It is a fairly complex assessment and we do expect you to achieve a high standard to pass the assessment.

Here are some general comments on what want wrong:

Cod stir fry:
Too much flour on fish which makes the sauce gluepy.
Liquid too reduced before adding the butter, so not emulsification can occur.
Continued to cook over a high heat after adding butter, which caused the sauce to split.
Not weighing or measuring the ingredient correctly.
Plate too hot, cause the sauce to split.

Cod Viennoise:
Scales not completely removed from fillet.
Incorrect skinning technique.
tomato not skinned before making fondue.
Seasoning all layer of dish, even the fish before assembling.
No liquid used to poach fish
sauce too thick either by over reduction or too much mustard used.

Seared Salmon:
Frying pan has to be hot before adding salmon, which cause flesh to stick to pan and then the skin to stick when it is turned over.
Salmon under cooked, because of not enough time in the pan or not remembering that the skin slows down the heat penetration.
Remember to season pasta and spinach.

And finally make sure everything is hot when you put it on the plate.

Congratulations to the four people who pass.

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